Cattle Work

Using a helicopter to round up cattle offers the ability to move cattle quickly, saving time and money.
From a helicopter you have the capability to see scattered cattle and maneuver them back to the herd and to your final destination. The use of a helicopter also gives the rancher the ability to locate and track wounded or sick cattle. An aerial view from a helicopter allows ranchers to see the condition of vegetation, the status of water supplies, fence lines, and the overall state of ranch. For more information on pricing or procedures, please do not hesitate to drop us a line at

Pipeline Survey

We offer Power & Pipeline Patrol Services with helicopters offering the best visibility in the industry.
We are experienced in taking your qualified Survey Teams on spot, long or short survey operations. Utilizing the helicopter becomes a far more efficient process – with better visibility and unobstructed views getting the job done faster and with more safety.

Predator Control

COYOTES Coyotes are predators that are physically equipped to locate, pursue, and kill small to medium size prey, which includes deer, sheep, goats, and baby calves. Coyotes particularly prey on kids, lambs, calves, and whitetail fawns, as they are most defenseless. Coyotes are responsible for about 55% of the sheep and goat losses due to predation. Helicopters can be used to locate dens for subsequent control or for gunning directly out of the aircraft. HOGS Hogs are found in 225 out of 254 Texas countiesand the population exceeds 1.5 million in the state, with the national population at 4 million. According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, the bulk of feral hogs can be found in Texas. Wild hogs are omnivores, which means they compete directly with livestock, game, and non-game wildlife species. They may also destroy and consume eggs of ground nesting birds such as turkey and quail. Feral hogs weigh between 100-150lbs and can reach up to 600lbs depending on the region. When a hog reaches the breeding age between 7-8 months, it can produce 1,000+ feral swine within a 5-year period. Feral hogs can also harbor and transmit some diseases and parasites to livestock and even humans. They negatively affect livestock operations by damaging fences and facilities. Hogs are very well known to cause damage to fields by rooting, wallowing and the depredation of crops. Helicopter services can significantly reduce the overpopulation of hogs ranches/farms through direct fire from the aircraft. Dragon Aviation is happy to assist with your unruly hogs! For more information on pricing or procedures, please do not hesitate to drop us a line at

Wildlife Capture

We pride ourselves in offering professional net-gun captures that ensure the safety of crew and animals.
The entire process of capture, restraint, and handling is performed by an experienced team to guarantee our customers only the highest quality service. Adaptation to diverse environments is also vital to a successful capture; therefore, our pilots are trained in a multitude of terrains to ensure preparation for all circumstances. We specialize in the capture of exotic and white-tailed deer. Chief capture pilot, Kevin Reed, has over 1,000 hours capturing wildlife. All Dragonfly personnel have extensive experience safely capturing wildlife. It is our mission and primary focus to handle all wildlife with the utmost care and respect. Blindfolds are used to keep animals calm during handling, which minimizes stress and helps maintain a good overall body condition. For restraining purposes, hobbles are used instead of ropes so capture and transportation doesn’t cut off circulation to the lower portion of the animal’s legs. This method decreases stress and helps speed their recovery. Below is a list of some of the animals Dragonfly Aviation has captured:
  • Axis
  • Addax
  • Barasingha
  • Big Horned Sheep
  • Black Buck
  • Elk
  • Fallow
  • Gemsbock
  • Mouflon
  • Jacobs Four Horn
  • Moose
  • Mule Deer
  • Mule Deer Fawns
  • Scimitar horned oryx
  • Texas Dolls
  • White Tail

We perform the following services including, but not limited to:

  • Biological Sampling
  • Control/removal/culling
  • Net Gunning
  • Darting
  • Data Collection
  • Radio Tracking/Telemetry – all receivers (coded & un-coded)
  • Tagging – Radio collars, satellite collars & ear marking

TTT – Trap, Transport, and Transplant Permits If your property currently has a very low deer density, you may be eligible for a TTT permit. This permit allows for the capture and movement of wild deer from one property to another. The main purpose of this permit is for restocking efforts. However, in certain cases it may provide a great jump start to the genetics of your native herd.

DMP – Management Program Deer Management Permit authorizes owners of high fenced properties to temporarily detain white-tailed deer in breeding pens located on the property for the purpose of natural breeding. Deer may not be detained for purposes that do not include natural breeding (i.e. “soft release” of bred TTT deer.) Participation in the DMP program requires a Deer Management plan that must be approved and signed by an authorized Wildlife Biologist or Technician.

TTP – Trap, Transplant, and Process Permits The Trap, Transport & Process is a mechanism to help reduce deer population in areas where white-tailed deer are overpopulated. Through the use of this permit, areas with surplus white-tailed deer can capture surplus deer, process their carcasses, and donate the resulting venison to penal facilities or charitable organizations for human consumption. To learn more about Deer Management, visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website at For more information on pricing or procedures, please do not hesitate to drop us a line at

Wildlife Survey

A helicopter survey is most accurate to calculate harvest recommendations for deer and exotics.

Helicopter deer surveys are effectively utilized to obtain buck to doe ratio, fawn production, antler development of bucks, distribution of animals on ranch, and the vegetation condition of the ranch. “An aerial survey provides necessary population data in a short time frame. This information can be utilized to provide harvest recommendations for the entire ranch as well as individual pastures.” –Texas Parks and Wildlife

The most important finding is that helicopter surveys result in a significant undercount of the deer present on a property.

Flown in transect lines, helicopter deer surveys are taken at a 50 ft. elevation through GPS coordination to ensure full coverage of your property during survey. The Season for Wildlife Surveys runs from September 1st- March 30th For more information on pricing or procedures, please do not hesitate to drop us a line at

Air Tours

Dragonfly Aviation, LLC gives air tours all over Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.
Cruising at an altitude of 500 ft., clients have the option to listen to music of their choice and even have talk to the pilot.


  • We will travel to any festival or event that has more than 10,000 people in attendance with adequate space for take off and landing.
  • The cost for a ride is $35 per person with a minimum of 2 or 3 passengers per flight.
  • Maximum weight per passenger is 290lbs.
Minimum requirement for take off and landing is 300′x300′ ; we usually recommend something in the size of a baseball field. We can work with the size of the space depending on surrounding landmarks.


  • Strict weight requirements will be observed as required by the Federal Aviation Administration
  • Minimum age limit is 2 years
  • Hands and feet must remain inside aircraft at all times
  • Seatbelts and headsets must be worn at all times during flight
  • No one is allowed to approach the helicopter without Dragonfly Aviation, LLC personnel
  • Passengers are not allowed to exit the aircraft without Dragonfly Aviation, LLC personnel
  • Cameras must have a secure strap or cord and must be attached to your body at all times.
  • No bags, cases, purses or any other bulky items allowed aboard the aircraft.
  • Long hair will need to be braided or tied back

For more information on pricing, procedures, or bookings please do not hesitate to drop us a line at

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