Predator Control


Coyotes are predators that are physically equipped to locate, pursue, and kill small to medium size prey, which includes deer, sheep, goats, and baby calves. Coyotes particularly prey on kids, lambs, calves, and whitetail fawns, as they are most defenseless. Coyotes are responsible for about 55% of the sheep and goat losses due to predation. Helicopters can be used to locate dens for subsequent control or for gunning directly out of the aircraft.


Hogs are found in 225 out of 254 Texas countiesand the population exceeds 1.5 million in the state, with the national population at 4 million. According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, the bulk of feral hogs can be found in Texas. Wild hogs are omnivores, which means they compete directly with livestock, game, and non-game wildlife species. They may also destroy and consume eggs of ground nesting birds such as turkey and quail. Feral hogs weigh between 100-150lbs and can reach up to 600lbs depending on the region. When a hog reaches the breeding age between 7-8 months, it can produce 1,000+ feral swine within a 5-year period. Feral hogs can also harbor and transmit some diseases and parasites to livestock and even humans. They negatively affect livestock operations by damaging fences and facilities. Hogs are very well known to cause damage to fields by rooting, wallowing and the depredation of crops. Helicopter services can significantly reduce the overpopulation of hogs ranches/farms through direct fire from the aircraft. Dragon Aviation is happy to assist with your unruly hogs!

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