Helicopter external load operations and long-line lifting is a cost effective way to transport cargo to remote areas over land, rough terrain and high altitudes.
All Aero-Copter helicopters are conveniently equipped with cargo hooks for sling load operations.  In addition, we possess a team of highly-skilled long line pilots who have extensive experience flying at high altitudes and are experts in remote area operations .
Our sling load operations are utilized across numerous applications and industries, including:
  • Remote area construction
  • Mining & exploration
  • Oil & gas
  • Wildlife capture
  • Exploration Surveys
    • Geological
    • Heritage
    • Environmental
    • Seismic
    • Drill sites
  • Drilling Programs & Rig Support
    • Crew transfers
    • Regular Rig Supply
    • Cargo: Internal, External longline & sling loading
    • Heli Portable rig movements support & supply
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