Discovery Flight

A Discovery Flight can help you determine if you are interested in a career in aviation. You will receive a half hour of ground training and a half hour of hands-on flying which counts towards your rating should you consider pursuing your helicopter flight training with Dragonfly Aviation.

The cost for a Discovery Flight is:

$150 for students under 240 lbs. (R22) (seat weight limit of 240 lbs.)
  • $250 for students over 240 lbs. (R44) (seat weight limit of 300 lbs.)

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to call us at (956) 722-2929 today.


Programs, Pricing and payment

There are 2 basic training tracks to consider:

  • Professional Pilot Program
  • Recreational/Personal Use Program

At Dragonfly Aviation, LLC instructional areas include Ground School, Private, Commercial, Instrument, and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI and CFII).

The Professional Pilot Program is for those who are seeking a career as a helicopter pilot. It includes earning your Commercial Pilot License and the option to add an Instrument Rating, Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Certificate, and/or Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Certificate (CFII).

The Recreational/Personal Use Program is for those who are seeking a private license to enjoy flight in your own personal aircraft. However, you cannot fly for hire.


The following schedules include approximate hourly requirements and costs for typical training programs.
For questions about your specific program requirements, contact us at (956) 722-2929 or the Director of Operations at


We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards. You can pay by the hour or in blocks of 10, 20, or 30 hours. There will be a 5% discount for hours paid in blocks. We are working on becoming a Part 141 school, which will allow us to offer our students federal financing. We are also working on financing options through local banks.

Helicopter Professional Pilot Program

All hours and costs shown are approximate. Actual costs may vary.


Private Helicopter Pilot Certificate • 
Part 141

  • Textbooks & Pilot Supplies $350
  • Dual Training – 30 hours* $8,250
  • Solo Training – 10 hours $2,750
  • Ground Instruction – 40 hours $1,600
  • Written Exam $150
  • Examiner’s Fee $500
Approximate Total $13,600
    *National Average for a Private Certificate is 70 hours.


Commercial Helicopter Certificate (R22)

  • Textbooks & Pilot Supplies $350
  • Dual Training – 50 hours* $13,750
  • Solo Training – 10 hours $2,750
  • Ground Instruction – 20 hours $800
  • Computerized FAA Written Exam $150
  • Examiner’s Fee $500
  • Approximate Total $18,250
    *Must have a total of 150 hours to receive a commercial certificate.


Instrument Helicopter Rating (R44) 

  • Textbooks & Pilot Supplies $350
  • Dual Training – 40 hours $23,000
  • Ground Instruction – 40 hours $1,600
  • FAA Knowledge Test Fee $150
  • Examiner’s Fee $500
  • Approximate Total $25,550


Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) (R22)

  • Textbooks & Pilot Supplies $350
  • Dual Training – 25 hours* $6,875
  • Ground Instruction – 25 hours $1,000
  • Computerized FAA Written Exams (2) $300
  • Examiner’s Fee $500
Approximate Total $9,875
    *Must have 200 hours total.


**Money non refundable after paid in full**

Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) (R44)

  • Textbooks & Pilot Supplies $350
  • Dual Instrument Training – 15 hours $8,625
  • Ground Instruction – 15 hours $600
  • Computerized FAA Written Exam $150
  • Examiner’s Fee $150
Approximate Total $9,875

 **Money non refundable after paid in full**


FAA Medical Exam

FAA Flight Physicals

Class I, Class II, Class III Medicals
As a pilot you are required to pass an FAA Medical Exam. This is basically a physical exam that has specific FAA Medical Standards, which an authorized FAA Medical Examiner will certify that you meet. The FAA maintains a list of authorized medical examiners by city, county, zip code, etc.

Just Starting Out?
If you are just beginning and have no prior aviation licenses make sure that you are issued a Third Class Medical with Student Pilot Certificate. This form, available from the doctor, and issued when you pass your medical exam, is golden in color and shown to the left. (The non-student pilot medical certificate is white, and it is used if you already have a license.) Your Instructor will need to endorse your golden-colored medical form on several occasions throughout your training.

Which FAA Medical Examination do I need?

FAA Class I Medical
This medical is directed to the Commercial Airline Industry. It is more of an extensive medical. If you plan to fly for the airlines, you would want to focus on this particular medical.

FAA Class II Medical
This medical is required for Commercial Helicopter Operations; it is not as extensive as the Class I medical.

FAA Class III Medical
If you are a private pilot, with your private pilot rating, and are flying for a hobby, this is the medical that would be required. This is the lease extensive of the three medicals.

It is required to have your medical in hand before your first day of training at Dragonfly Aviation. If you are a VA student pilot, you need to keep a current Class II or Class I medical at all times, to be reimbursed.

Dragonfly Aviation can provide you with a list of local doctors that can perform FAA examinations. If you chose to have your medical done closer to your home, we would recommend contacting a local airport in your area, and ask them where their pilots get their FAA medicals.

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